How To Create An App?

How to create an app? This Is a frequently asked question from entrepreneurs who want to provide their customers with an app. Since creating apps is still relatively new to many businesses, as compared to creating a website, they do not know where to start.
And that's a pity because there are many possibilities and it's not that difficult if you initially think about answering the question: How to make an app?.

In the article below, we answer the key question; How to create an app without coding? But we also give your insight into which method is most obvious to you. There are several ways to get an app, but the right way is different for everyone.

How to create an app for Android, for iOS and mobile phones and tablets? Because yes, every device is different, and it is often necessary to keep this in mind. There are several operating systems like Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows. Android and iPhone dominate the market and Windows have an ever smaller share. Our advice is, therefore, to invest in an Android and an iOS app and Windows for the time being. You can also select to create a web app. This is an application that is accessible via the Internet, and usually, HTML5 is used as the programming language. The advantage of web applications is that there is only one programming language required to make them work well on all platforms. However, web apps cannot be placed in all app stores. In addition, web apps are also much slower in use than native apps from the App Stores, because continuous data must be sent via the mobile network. As a result, web apps are less user-friendly. You also miss the advantage of native apps that can also be used without internet connection.

It Starts With An Idea

Developing each app starts with a good idea. The idea of ​​the app is the basis. Because when you make an App, you also want it to be a success. So your idea needs to be worked out well. You create an app for a certain reason, an objective and keep it in mind. The question how to make an app actually comes after you've fully elaborated the idea of ​​the app.

The app needs to distinguish itself from the many apps that already exist and, most preferably, stand out so your app will be used as well. The good idea is, therefore, the basis for making an app successful!

Once you've worked out the idea, you're going to check this idea. Find out if there's no existing app doing the same. The fact that you already have a similar app does not mean there is no room for your app. It may also indicate the need for such an app and therefore to compete with that app.

Have you already figured out what app you want to create? If you have no idea, think about it now. If you already have an idea, then it's time to "check" if this is a good idea.

Talk to people from your audience about your idea. Ask what you think of your idea. See it as a kind of market research that gives you a good idea of ​​what you think of making your App.

Work On Your Idea Further

Are you convinced that you have a good idea? Then you will further develop the idea. Explain exactly how the app should work.

Write down what's coming up with you, every detail is important. Also, consider a name for your app. And some platforms are extra important. Does the app mainly use on mobile phones or just on Tablets. Ask your money for the app, or is the app free for the users?

Once you've defined all of your app's functionalities, you'll get a sketch of the layout. Not only the design of the homepage but also the app's follow-up pages. And even the details like icons, buttons, etc. make it complete. The app's design and app functionality must be filled in together with the technical realization of the app. Have you described these two things well, then we can start working on the technology and really only really wonder how to make an app?

How To Create An App, Technically.

There are several ways to make an app. The right method is different for everyone and depends on time, money and knowledge. The choice is different for everyone. There is not a good and bad method.

Option 1: Program An App Yourself

If you have the technical knowledge to create an app, you can of course program an app yourself. With the right programming language, you can accurately and in detail realize what you want.


·        You initially only invest time
·        You will learn and learn what is possible
·        You have everything in your hand


·        It takes a lot of time
·        You need to learn different languages ​​to support both Android and iPhone
·        For iPhone and iPad apps, (!) Must have an Apple computer
·        Once you've created an app, you'll find that you have to pay to place your app in stores
·        Any change you need to publish again in the stores
To be honest, you would probably not read this article when you had the necessary knowledge to create an app yourself. And now, if you have a lot of free time learning, it's not really realistic to study for one app.

Option 2: Make An App

If you do not know to create an app, you can outsource this to a company that has a lot of experience with it. The result is basically the same as creating an App with the difference that you do not have to do anything yourself.

Doing nothing at all is perhaps a bit exaggerated. You have to work out the idea. The app developer puts your idea into an app. Obviously, a good app developer will, of course, advise you on certain things.

To make an application, you need a budget. The prices for this range from several hundred euros to many thousands of euros. The cost is contingent, among other things, on the type of app, number of features and design. If you want to make a serious app, you should actually think of a budget between € 3500, - and € 10,000, -


Custom work can be accurate to the pixel
You can outsource everything (design, development, promotion)


·        Great investment (think of thousands of euros, depending on your idea)
·        It takes a while before you can see or test something
·        How good and reliable is your app developer?
·        Want to support Android and iPhone? That will cost you 2 apps
·        Would you like to add or add something else? Hourly billing fee.
·        Any change you need to publish again in the stores

Option 3: Use Software To Create Your App

There are various software packages for sale or rent that allow you to create apps with limited technical knowledge. This is actually a middle way between programming everything and outsourcing everything. With these software solutions, it is often possible to create an app by programming instead of programming. You still want to spend a lot of time making a professional app, but this makes it a lot easier.

When you choose an online version, you often pay a fixed amount per month. There are also free tools, but in practice, you do not get along well. Finally, you want it to be a professional app that has the appearance that deserves the business.


·        Limited technical knowledge required
·        Sometimes you only need 1 app to support both Android and iPhone
·        You have a lot of self in your hand

·        Investment costs of the software
·        You are bound to the computer on which you installed the software
·        For iPhone and iPad apps, (!) Must have an Apple computer
·        Once you've created an app, you'll find that you have to pay to place your app in stores
·        Any change you need to publish again in the stores

How To Make An App Known To The Public?

Do you have the app ready? Is he all done? Then you are not ready yet. Actually, it only starts. The app must be published in app stores, and through marketing, the app needs to be promoted. Because without the right promotion, the chance of success is very small.

Sign In To The App Store:

Publishing an app in the app store works differently for each platform. How to sign up for Apple's app store is very different from Google Play. Also, each app store has rules that your app needs to meet before it's published and costs are associated with signing an app in the app store.

When you make an app, you can, of course, ask the app developer to help you log in to the app in the various stores! Also, the different software tools sometimes have handy features that make it easier for apps to sign in to the app stores.


Once your app has been placed in the app store, it's time to get started with your app promotion. 

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